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the article on ash


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PROFIT = PISSED 4 LIFEmug011sp.jpgferityhowarddp2.gif
1 that aint me u d*ckhead2 i earn ã26000 a year an wen im fully qualified i'll be on ã42000so dont chat all that sh*t bout makin more do than me i make more than ur benefits put together an that dont even include my girls wages so hold it f*ckin down i duppied u ur the mug ur livin of ur girls benefit....and it dont make a diffrence to the amount of tax i pay if ur claimin or not so dont come wiv that hype like ur life makes a diffrence to mine if u get a job thrs millions of ohter pikeys 2 take ur place so dont fink sumhow im givin u a direct debit evry month out my wage...ur a tramp an ur wifes a tramp an ur son has now been born a tramp all livin on benefits...now f*ck of an ask ceazy for sum pocket money you jsa my ute!!
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