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Yung Fly + Flashy

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Guest haze-e

Sexy EyesCurly/Messy-ish HairSexy LipsThis Combo would f*ck me up - Even if they are lacking in the backoff departmentHOWEVERBackoff makes me faint on a regular basis

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i thought you would say thatgirls never rate other girls too tuff im sure if i said im feelin you some snakey chick would say otherwise
no but do you know what, when a girl deserves ratings i'll give them.Don't get me wrong, she's a pretty girl but she's not WOW!
i KNOW i put that pic on purpose i would take that comment more seriously from one of the mandem but not a female if i put a picture of smaddy on here you would probably say the same thing unless you know her YET still talk to her and go on like thats not the case (she aint ugly i just love arguing with her its a turn on)HYPATHETICALLY speaking in terms of typical female attributes as girls are BITCHY about each otherso who is WOW in YOUR opinion out of ALL of the girls on this forum *tries to spark up a cat fight*
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beardsbig thighsgood lookin arrogant jerks biggrin.gif
:Dsorry bout being a jerk smad i still love you
i dunno if u saw that bitpologies if u missed it, but ive made it bigger for ur OAP eyesand i kno u only posted that pic of that girl to get a reactionout of people, u kno shes any face on road
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lol nah, why don't you just explain it.'Cos these times i'm not understanding
just look out for my name is some topics and sooner or later you will get me im not one of them beta males that are part soap opera and part suckerim hard body and REAL bout sh*t and i have absolutely NO DOUBLE STANDARDS you say you hate cheatersmost of ya friends and associates are cheaters but wont tell you i know this cos im old enough and had enough girls to know AND got a circle of MANDEM that are the same so they cover the ground i aint touched and found the same conclusive factsthis quote will explain it best for you
honestly i would like to think i would just sayis that so whatever enniti wouldnt tell them im mad or im not talkin to them or nothing id just leave them in limbo and watch them rip them self to pieces with guiltI LOVE DOING THISif they dont show remorse then ill be upset but in all honesty i EXPECT every girl i ever do anything with to f*ck SOMEONE ELSE behind my back whether we in a serious relationship or casual or whatever, just dont put it in my face and we cool.
Why's this?!If my boyfren told me he slept wid someone else I would be so distraught but the way i would react is "Ok, thanks for showing me but thats the end of me and you, i dont wanna hear an apologising jus go about ur bizniz"
because i dont expect anything better from women in western society try and remember i have lashed so many chicks in so many situations that i now realise that girls only say and act a certain way in a certain environment so if i meet a girl who works in say a place like my cousins nursery she will have that ora around her that she is cool and not like that etc plus im sure she would say that.now in that case if i didnt know better i would except that at face value and not even give it anymore thought as to me at THAT moment her word is bond HOWEVERnow that i have lashed girls just like this but met them on a different level i now know that people are with you one way and with someone ANOTHERso i give a girl the opportunity to do this without fear of me WILDING OUT as its not my style do not now tell me the following- its the girls you meet- im not like thatcos that just shows you SKIMMED through everything above and didnt actually read and understand what i am sayingi love off my girl cos im a loving person and i dont take advantage of HER like her exs have but im sorry if i found out she was doing whatever with whoever my nails aint gonna get any shortermy relationship is a part of MEIM not a part of my relationshipya dig
dont lie smaddy you think im "A FINE SPECIMEN"thats what you said im hurt you dont think this now but then again most of my exs said i had a small d*ck AFTER i pissed them off so boyanyway ya cool yeah?
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