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Guest Randy Orton

Good Friends, Better enemies

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Guest Randy Orton

CRISTIANO RONALDO is set to deliver the ultimate snub to Jose Mourinho by refusing to shake his hand at Wembley on Sunday afternoon.Sport of the World can today reveal the full extent of the Manchester United superstar's amazing bust-up with the Chelsea boss.The two Portuguese giants will come face to face in today's Community Shield showdown.They used to be great friends, but United's Footballer of the Year has not spoken to Mourinho for THREE MONTHS.And in an exclusive interview, Ronaldo's mother Dolores Santos reveals: "I am the one who told Cristiano not to say a word to Mourinho â and he hasn't."They still have not spoken since he called my boy ill-educated and tried to embarrass him in public."I don't believe he will shake hands with Mourinho before the game on Sunday either."Mourinho infuriated Ronaldo in April by describing his fellow countryman as "ill-educated, disrespectful and immature" after the World Cup winker claimed the Chelsea boss could never admit to mistakes.FriendsThe Blues manager refused to say sorry for his outburst, insisting: "I have not apologised and don't plan to."And Roni's furious mum added: "I wasn't going to have my son dropping to that level. I told him not to speak to him â and he hasn't."Mourinho always liked Cristiano a lot. They would speak to each other on their mobile phones and they were friends. But things have changed."It's wrong bringing class into it. Mourinho said Cristiano had no education and that it wasn't a surprise considering where he had come from."Yes, I was once poor. My children were raised in a social quarter but I knew how to educate them."As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with being poor."Maybe Mourinho was always rich and that's why he speaks of others the way he does."Ronaldo admits he did sacrifice his education for football â despite his school teacher's warning that the game would add nothing to his life!He reveals the traumatic years of his childhood in an autobiography Momentos, recently serialised in Portuguese sports paper Record, and admits he deliberately ignored his teacher's advice because he was so obsessed with football.The Madeiran-born star said: "I never listened to her."I had difficulties in my childhood, especially when I moved to Lisbon at the age of only 11."It was one of the worst times of my life."It was very difficult to leave my mother, brother and sisters and go to a different world where I didn't know anyone."But that helped me to grow as a player and as a person."Ronaldo goes on to reveal how on a visit to the former Portuguese colony of East Timor he was greeted like a national hero.He says people lined the streets to greet his arrival and 20,000 fans packed into the local stadium just to see him.The United star tells how he was moved and also a bit scared â but the East Timor president Xanana Gusmao helped him out by opening a path through the crowd and encouraging the people to step back and not go on the pitch.If Ronaldo does snub Mourinho in this afternoon's traditional season curtain-raiser it will be the second time in just a few weeks the pair have refused to acknowledge each other at a Wembley showpiece.At the FA Cup final in May, shortly after the two had gone public with their views, there was a frosty stand-off.WhistleDolores revealed: "Mourinho went to the dressing room immediately after the final whistle and he only came onto the pitch a long time afterwards."I don't know why. I think he probably didn't want to see Cristiano after what he had said â in any case, it didn't matter. My son would not have shaken hands with him then either."Mourinho claimed he went to speak to his sons straight after Didier Drogba's extra-time winner had secured a 1-0 victory over their fierce rivals.But in any case, Dolores insists her boy will be out for revenge today.She said: "I know Chelsea are a very strong side but I hope Cristiano can win and earn his team the revenge they want from the Cup final."I also hope that one day he will get the recognition he deserves and be awarded the title of the best player in the world."If he wins that, he will give joy to every Portuguese person."Well, almost.

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