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grime Sketch'E ft. D-Power (09-08-07)

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4t5096a.jpgDJ Sketch'E // ManicFM // Thursdays 6pm-8pmwww.myspace.com/djsketche (Sketch'E)www.myspace.com/dieslepowerboy (Diesle Powerboy)www.myspace.com/fumin (Fumin)www.myspace.com/jookiemundo (Jookie Mundo)www.myspace.com/manicfmpodcastwww.manicfm.mypodcast.comPart 1 (Vocals)...http://www.mediafire.com/?5p1fummt922Part 2 (Spitting)...http://www.mypodcast.com/fsaudio/manicfm_2..._1920-63813.mp3 ('Right Click' & 'Save Target As')===================================TracklistingGlockman - Grand Theft Grime (CDR)Random Impulse & Black Da Ripper - Its Nothin' (Sketch'E Special)Nu Brand FleXxX - F.T.I. (f*ck The Industry) (CDR)Lewi White ft. Smasher - Back In The Day Pt2 (Beyond Da Booth)Syer Bars - Syerworkz (Side FX)Beezy ft Aurora - Can U Dance (A Day In The Life)Kano ft. Craig David - This Is The Girl (679)Nocturnal - Ciara (Nite Knights)A.K M.D - Aaliyah (A.K M.D)Nu Brand FleXxX - Out My Window (CDR)U.S.F ft. Lady Lesha - Its Over Now (Teardrops) (Unrivalled Recordings)***D-Power Showcase***DVA ft. Fumin, Black Da Ripper, Faction G & Lykes - Why U Gotta Act Like That (CDR)Diesle, Fumin, Jookie Mundo, Stutta & TopKat - Let It Go (Power Moves Vol.1)Diesle, Fumin & Jookie Mundo - I Been Around (Power Moves Vol.1)Diesle, Jookie Mundo & Fumin - Get High (Power Moves Vol.1)Crissy Criss ft. Fumin - Once Again (Paid In Full Vol.1)Diesle & Jookie Mundo - Magic Circle (Power Moves Vol.1)Fumin - Woop Woop (Paid In Full Vol.1)Garna ft. Fumin, Jookie Mundo & Diesle - Who's That Girl (Power Moves Vol.1)Ruffy ft. Fumin - The Message Freestyle (Paid In Full Vol.1)Garna ft. Jookie Mundo & Fumin - Your Not Alone (Power Moves Vol.1)Fumin ft. Bonita - Side Tracked (Paid In Full Vol.1)Diesle & Top Kat - Not Alone Out Here (Power Moves Vol.1)Fumin - These Streets (Paid In Full Vol.1)Jookie Mundo, Fumin & Diesle - Sometimes (Power Moves Vol.1)Jookie Mundo ft. Diesle & Fumin - Be Lovers Remix (Power Moves Vol.1)***Fumin, Jookie Mundo & Diesle Powerboy Touch Down***GunjaMan - One Of These Dayz (A.K M.D)Blazin Beatz - Optical (CDR)Spyro - Gabre Remix (CDR)Scru Face & Stimpy - Flukist (Dub)Ruffy - The Message (Sketch'E Special)F1 - Lockdown EP (White)CaoS - Ghosts On Road (CDR)Skeamz - Walthamstow Resident (CDR)Scru Face & Stimpy - Elen (CDR)Scru Face & Stimpy - Spookey Violins (Dub)DDark - Face 2 Da Floor (CDR)DJ Klassic - Disconnected (Dub)DVA - Tail Back (Dub)S.K.I.T.Z. Beats - Battle Riddim (DVA Remix)Mega MC - Dangerous Liason (DVA Remix)Eastwood & Oddz - The Last EP (White)Skeamz - Choo Choo Train (CDR)Skepta - Dupps (Pirate Sessions Recordings)DJ Moky - Victorian Ball (Real Music)2Sik - Gangsters Remix (CDR)===================================Diesle, Fumin & Jookie Mundo4z9cr5c.jpgIf you have any beats you want to get to me... email them straight to sketch@ntlworld.comBig upbiggrin.gif

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