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afc Arsenal To Trademark "Gooner"

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Arsenal fans could be sued if they use the word 'Gooner' after the club applied to trademark the word for official merchandise.The term was invented by fans themselves but now the club have spotted a possible cash cow and the word could appear on products including towels, pillowcases, mittens and underwear.It is the subject of an application to the UK Intellectual Property Office earlier this month.It is also the name of the club's longest running fanzine.Kevin Whitcher, editor of The Gooner, said there was no clear reason for the club to register the word.He told Sky News: "I fail to see how the club has any justification to legally appropriate a word that they have never previously used and whose origins are indisputably separate from such terms as 'Arsenal' or 'Gunners'."The only possible conclusion is that the club are attempting to prevent independent traders outside the stadium from selling items with the word 'Gooner' on without having to first purchase them through the club."That may be acceptable for items with 'Arsenal' and 'Gunners' on them, but I cannot see how the club has any inherent legal right to the word 'Gooner'.

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