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Where did the Grims topic go?

Seth Rollins

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**********@hotmail.com says:u got any other pics of you[email protected] says:yes sure[email protected] says:mainly me sucking guys off etc, hope you dont mind**********@hotmail.com says:biggrin.gif what the f*ck**********@hotmail.com says:so is that what u like doing best?[email protected] says:yes i just love it[email protected] says:i am a bit freaky and nasty**********@hotmail.com says:no complaints here![email protected] says:cool, we will get on just fine then!***********@hotmail.com says:Haha well u need to let me know when u fancy gettin on your knees in front of me [email protected] says:i love serving you black guys like that[email protected] says:so now please xx***********@hotmail.com says:lol tomorrow. [email protected] says:the guy took this just as he spunked in my mouth[email protected] says:i am very submissive[email protected] says:i like men to control me************@hotmail.com says:what are your favourite things to be told to do...[email protected] says:shut the f*ck up and suck[email protected] says:pull ur ass apart and open up 4me************@hotmail.com says:lmfao![email protected] says:pour me a beer and get on ur knees whore************@hotmail.com says:whats your number coz i'm coming offline.[email protected] says:07804126330[email protected] says:i want to worship you*************@hotmail.com says:lmao you're deep*************@hotmail.com says:whats your name?[email protected] says:my name is Katie*************@hotmail.com says:i'll call u tomorrow. i want you to come to see me tomrrow[email protected] says:ok, i dont know if this is too much for you, but i like guys to rape me on my 1st meeting*************@hotmail.com says:rape? :D*************@hotmail.com says:rough yes, rape nah u mad, i'm black! thats that jail talk. i'll never come outta jail again*************@hotmail.com says:can i bring people with me tho? or just me?[email protected] says:u can bring people, how many cud u get?*************@hotmail.com says:course*************@hotmail.com says:how many you want[email protected] says:gr8. as many as you know. bring a camera too and have everyone film it[email protected] says:i like it so rough it hurts[email protected] says:tie me up[email protected] says:film me**************@hotmail.com says:answer your phone tomorrow and we'll all run tru u, battery you nicely[email protected] says:ok, can u phone now to tell me i am a whore**************@hotmail.com says:give me ten minutes...----------------------------------------------------------------------------The VIP2/RWD member that sent me this msn is deep. I'll bait him up later.However I know some of you would do it. A gang of you go deal with this tomorrow. Add her. Call her up innit. Record the convo and up it on here. :D The third thing highlighted in red ain't even a joke...Obviously from i'm online i'm bored, let alone entertaining this crap on msn.

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