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Black The Ripper

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Black Da Ripper

Black Is Beautiful Mixtape


01. Intro

02. You're not good FREESTYLE

03. Black is beautiful

04. Drop It

05. Did you hear that? Feat. Natch

06. P's

07. Doughnut08. Sweet ting

09. Waiting for my day to come

10. Swing who?

11. F**k what you rep

12. Basement FREESTYLE

13. Lyrical showcase Feat. Dynamic, Big M, Trigger & Remson

14. Round and round

15. My time to shine FREESTYLE

16. Heart of a king

17. Letter to god

18. N18

19. Slow down

20. Rinse out FREESTYLE

21. Bounce FREESTYLE

22. Laying down the law

23. Anti-Depressants

24. 21 Questions

25. We had a good thin



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Them ones where you ask frisco for a verse and he rolls studio with shorty    ?

its not a gossip ting g. You know me and I know you. I'm not knocking a next mans hustle, the Dank of England thing is poppin for you lot and screech and i aint got no ill qualms against none of u man

just gotta appeal to northerners and uni students and your sweet

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he's swag, yehh i sed it. WOT?!mr wong>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Black the ripper
Why say that?but really doe mr wong does embaress alot of MCs wiv his consistency
LMFAO!!!ITS FUNNY COS ITS TRUE!!!!but ripper is nowhere near the best in the gamebut he is sick
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Black the ripper is not the best in MC in the UK.1.Wiley.2.Ghetto.3.Skepta.4.Scorcher.5.Wretch.
I wouldnt say he is better but i prefer him to skepta, wiley and wretch 32 and scorcherbut blacks new tunes im not feeling. holla black was sick an the head. top 3 mixtape imo
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i used 2 think he was boringbut if u wana listen 2 hype constantly listen 2 tempahi wouldn't say he's my favourite but i think he's the best......as in talks the most sense, u actually hav 2 think bout some of his barsdunno y anyones posting ur top 5 like anybody cares bout ur opinionbait u kno nothin bout grime anyway n r jus postin the mc's that u found mixtape links to

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