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This one's for the girls....

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Girl PoemA poem for girls...I shave my legs,I sit down to pee.And I can justifyany shopping spree.Don't go to a barber,but a beauty salon.I can get a massagewithout a hard-on.I can balance the chequebook,I can pump my own gas.Can talk to my friends,about the size of my ass.My beauty's a masterpiece,and yes, it takes long.At least I can admit,to others when I'm wrong.I don't drive in circles,at any cost.And I don't have a problem,admitting I'm lost.I never forget,an important date.You just gotta deal with it,I'm usually late.I don't watch movies,with lots of gore.Don't need instant replay,to remember the score.I won't lose my hair,I don't get jock itch.And just cause I'm assertive,Don't call me a bi*ch.Don't say to your friends,Oh yeah, I can get her.In your dreams, my dear,I can do better!Flowers are okay,But jewellery's best.Look at me you idiot...Not at my chest????I don't have a problem,With Expressing my feelings.I know when you're lying,cause u look at the ceiling.DON'T call me a GIRL ,a BABE or a CHICK .biggrin.gif>I am a WOMAN.Get it?, you d*ck!?

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