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1 hour ago, Afroman said:

Interesting , you think the lot will go down the Nokia route.

Huawei are doing very well. A much balanced affordable portfolio phone wise.

I am still going to buy more apple stock though. I think they will bounce back 


Huawei wont get far in western markets when theyre equipment is being banned by the Five Eyes countries and theyre advising against using their devices.

Asia, middle east, africa, latin america theyll do great. 

Apples problem tbh is phones are as good as they can get, camera from 2015/6 still good, screens from then still good, still powerful enough for apps etc, the only thing that would be fucked is the battery, and you can get that replaced cheaper than a new iphone so why bother? best they can do is use updates to slow the phone down.

the battery replacements are affecting them


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They actually don't, they have a cool brand and nice form factors, they don't have the best anything

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