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Jeremy Kyle

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man f*ck*ng crubkin thinking bout how he gonna smooth thingds ovedr wiht drunk gyal bout she chatin shi bout sh*t that WONT AFFECTT US THEY DONT GIve a f*ck BOUT US

hahah lemme enjoy sex n f*ck*ng non important sh*t bout they gonna hyprt to man lemme wank to what could have been and get high off boogness ya dgi

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Used to watch it on the regs in my watless days.

Found it thoroughly entertaining at the time tbh.

Turned on couple times this year while bussing a morning workout and its fucking terrible.

All they do is shout and swear while the audience eggs them on and jezza bullies them.

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11 hours ago, AFRYCAN-CHILD said:

Fuck that nigga Jk. Man tried to get me on his show for some episode on knife crime for a score. Proper joke man.

Fuck these snow flakes with their faux outrage too. Where was these lot when Love island lost two of its  contestants to suicide. 

You must be a human dust vessel.

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