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deaf women are good cos u can rape 'em and they wnt say sh*t

dnt give a rocks what anyone says abbie is one for the future

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Grace they’re saying both sisters survive that fall(which isn’t far fetched).

Exhibit A

It’s not even year since we lost The GOAT sisters.


Exhibit B

I see this foolishness from the priest in Coronation Street 

A man survived this last night 


Who do you think that bullet  which ricochet from the gun when Phil wasn’t being serious hit?


This over hyped big job is a mess and isn’t going to end well 


The GOAT villain dies off screen which is a cop out.


By the way Mel returns it’s shame Eastenders can’t retcon Steve Owen 



It’s going to be ironic that Phil is going to live in the same area as two children(already adopt one of them) he played a big part both of their father’s death.

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I don’t think I am going to watch this for a while 


The writing is awful truly awful.


Two girls have fell off the roof of your establishment but you’re having a party like nothing has happened.


Lauren & Abigail are in hospital 


Whitney (Lauren’s good friend)

Ben (Abigail’s ex,the girl who helped him with the transition from South Africa to England also house mate)

Jay (Abigail’s ex also first love as well as an house mate)

Donna (House mate and these last few months have built a very good friendship)

As for Robbie & Sonia the biggest disgraces out of the whole square 

First blood cousins 

Max is Carol(their mother) younger brother.

Haven't mentioned their cousins once or been to the hospital.


Very poor writing 

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Yh its taken a poor turn there

An the whole mick thing with aiden is nonsense

Since WHEN is Phil in on a plan he knows so little about.

I really wanna know what they are doin with that gay they kidnapped too

EastEnders ain getting no awards nex round, long way to go

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