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Asian girls & Black guys...

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, i know ur hurt from some of the facts posted in here, but i just thought i summarise what you last said by reminding you that you are from AFGHANISTAN...not India, not even the other lesser shithole

PMSLyou dun kno that the same asian yute who will try stab up a black guy for tappin his sister will probs have a 2pac poster on his wallasians <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

lol @ .I linked 1 over the net bk in the day, we went out a few times, she used to ring me everyday and hint about sex but I just kept that as a friend thing.She was down but she did grow up in the en

ok what do we call people from china? hong kong? thialand? vietnam? phillipines?


what do we call them?

chinese like we always do lol Asian is reserved for indians,stanis etc
:/ one of the dumbest posts of all time
how so? im merely pointing out what people refer to them as didnt say i condone it
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Chinese girls in England do not check for black men, mainly because they have good futures and careers and therefore will only mix with people in their circles. You average black man in the UK is wutless. It's not racist imo just circumstantial. I think a black man with a career and money could move up an oriental chick fairly easily but what for? they aren't even that special (yes all 1 billion of em!)


With the injuns and other south asians it racism and culture but most hit a phase pf rebellion. Chopped a couple and again - not even that special.

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Why is oriental an offensive word?

It means from a region called orient which im sure includes present day korea, japan and china?

No more offensive than calling someone hispanic

But if in doubt, east asian should suffice



Gotta keep up to date






Doesnt directly answer the question but its good to know either way:




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