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Davicious X

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Loooool. Haven't read the grown Naruto. Guess I'll give it a pass.

One Piece>>>>>

Seriously. Oda>>>>>

Feel like there will be another time skip after a few more islands. Even Luffy at this level cannot touch Kaido/Blackbeard/Probably Big Mom/Aokiji and a lot of others I expect him to come across soon enough. Especially Kaido.

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True. But I still think it's a bit early for them to take on Big Mom... Unless they start the process of awakening during/prior to the fight hmm...

That's what I would expect to happen during another time skip Tbh... Luffy awakens. Zoro gets even more beastly. Monster Chopper can he controlled for much longer etc etc.

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lol Naruto is a cash cow that they will squeeze as much as they can out of, I don't think I've watched it at all this year, how long do you reckon it'll take until it finishes?


After Pokemon its probably second biggest manga/anime franchise on the international rank, right?

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Just started Reading Noblesse, the format is a bit weird, i could swear one chapter was like 3 pages.

Its because its not manga,its a Korean webcomic took me a while to read it left to right as well,should just be one page per chapters


The God of High school>>>>>>>>

This has got A+ fight scenes,slowly turning into dbz though

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