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Official Anime / Manga Thread

Davicious X

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1 hour ago, Seydou said:


This week been marvellous with the manga 

AoT , One Piece and especially One Punch Man went in



One Punch Man was nuts. 100+ pages yaaaaaaas


Carrot!!! I been waiting AGES for this since it was first mentioned. Slim big mum though... I wonder what that means...

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  • 2 weeks later...

its hard to understand how the anime economy works sometimes

like I get that Naruto was huge so they could have it running non-stop, but I don't understand why some popular anime have so much time between seasons, when they're based on manga that seemingly have seasons worth of content ahead

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58 minutes ago, Heero Yuy said:


Everyone has been hyping this recently, assuming something in the last chapter must have went orff!

have you watched Pyscho Pass?

I'm not even at the last chapter yet but its defo a constant read ATM. Loving the twists.


Haven't watched but have in my list ready to go.

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