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The OFFICIAL Giggs Thread

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I speak in riddles cos I can that was another one for you Neg away.


Giggs is the godfather of uk rap single handily killed grime and changed the face of the uk street scene  need to put some respek on his name  

Guest Blue State Of Mind

lol lets b real non of dem names have done nething major


billy the kid vid done 38,537 in 4 days

Yeah and Sneakbos vid for 'Hold Yuh' has like 200,000 views already and i think his sh*t, Johnny gunz aalways attracts bare views also. I don't base my opinions on youtube views, Billy hasn't done anything major as well his just got a name, and Strapzy who i mentioned is more popular than him anyways. Pound Sterling has done just as much as most rappers from Narm that you can name, 'i get money' was a banger. But aside from the popularity contest them rappers i named are better than what Narm has to offer.

The only guys i rate from those bits are Capo, Shockz, Giggs, and Gunna.

And who from Narm has done anything major apart from Giggs?

Everyone knows who Little Dee, P Money, Strapzy, Pound Sterling is even in a popularity contest Lewisham wins.

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Guest Blue State Of Mind

this aint a name the paople u rate thing, man was just sayin Peck runs this

and u jus confirmed it by sayin Sneakbos video got like 200k views among the others

Sneakbo ain't from Narm.

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