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Davicious X

Legitimate excuses!

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Alot of us been playing games along time now and we have all heard some dumb excuses for losing or bad play but whittling out the ones that are real and honest seems to be something that is never accepted.Ima look at myself as an example.Now on days Im working I wake up at 6 am, get to work at 8 and do a 12 hour shift (Im at work now). When I get home it will be about 9pm and I will be tired and will just want to relax so I will turn on a console.2 2's someone will challenge me to a game of whatever where I will go on to perform under a level that would hold me in favourable light.The person that challenged me though will be smack talkin and jiving like they was american and just won the superbowl.Now in these instances I will tell them it was only cos Im mad tired and that they should take me more serious on days when I havent been up for 14 hours and am wide awake and alert.Needless to say more time I never hear from these scrubs again and the ones that do accept the rematch when Im fresh tend to get put to the sword.So my questions areA. Is my excuse for a loss in these circustances acceptable? (No boxer would have 2 fights in the same day remember).B. If its not acceptable what would be deemed a legitimate excuse?

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