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Guest RBG

hiphop Dead Prez - Information Age

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Guest RBG

Heard suttin bout this earlier...Anyone know when its gonna be out...Title/Concept sounds interesting....One of my gave groups of all time...

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the average black malelive a third of his life in a jail cellbecause the world is controlled by the white male

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[Jay-Z has already snatched up Jay Electronica, J. Cole and WIllow Smith for his Roc Nation imprint. But one of the more intriguing names recently attached to the burgeoning roster is veteran political hip-hop duo dead prez.

In the past few months, rumors of a deal between Hov and the outspoken act (consisting of stic.man and M-1) began to pick up steam on the hip-hop message boards. But M-1 says that while there is some credence to early talks with Roc Nation, dead prez is staying independent.

“We respect Jay, but we are not signing to Roc Nation,” M-1 tells VIBE. “I’m a fan of what Roc Nation has been doing. I’m a fan of Jay-Z’s music and more than that I’m a fan of his mind…the way that he has positioned himself to make great moves in this business. I’m not one to think that our independence can be usurped by this great hype and potentially great machine that Jay is putting together.”

M-1 adds that dead prez’ self-sufficient mindset won’t stop future collaborations with the Roc Nation roster. "Just from watching that situation I see that [Roc Nation] are building themselves to be a formidable opponent to the Young Money’s and other labels,” he adds. “But I believe that we can take advantage of working with artists like Jay and Jay Electronica without giving up our rights to being whoever we want to be independently—which is really important to us right now.”

Dead prez first hit the scene with 2000’s classic street-meets-socially conscious release Let’s Get Free. Since the duo has collaborated with everyone from Kanye West (“It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop” remix) and Jay-Z (“Hell Yeah—Pimp The System” remix) to the 2Pac affiliated Outlawz (Can’t Sell Dope Forever).

As for the future, M-1 says dead prez fans can expect new music in 2011. “We just finished our Information Age album,” he says. “We're also working with M.I.A on some new stuff. We're taking our time because we want to make the best impression.” —Keith Murphy




"Dead Prez Collaborates with DJ Drama to Release a Free Album for their 10 Year Anniversary"



dead prez - Turn Off The Radio Vol. 3 (Pulse Of The People).rar

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y u had so many accounts?


wots it saying?

Bane = Ghosted

RBG = Ghosted

FOS = Ghosted

BrotherMalcolm/Bumbaclass = Banned

Bane = Banned

Think thats all


So far seems like a good listen but havent headphoned them to take in the lyrics just seem like build ups to information age which hopefully is half as good as Lets Get Free should be they have been working on it for years

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M1 of dead prez discusses details about "Information Age" and even has an intriguing list of potential features.

M1 of dead prez is announcing an interesting list of potential features for the next dead prez album, Information Age, a disc that he says will be a commentary on today's world. In a recent interview, M1 openly spoke about the album's theme and added information about possible collaborations with Nas, Erykah Badu, Andre 3000 and more.

Fans waiting for the album can expect one with a concept. As M1 explained, this album will deal with the understanding that valuable information is out there and is necessary to have.

"The next dead prez album, Information Age, just talks about the particular place we're in right now with society. [it deals with] how the world is spiraling towards the information secrets and what information you know being the most important tool or weapon that you have in life. It's what you know, not who you know and it's what you don't know that can really hurt you," he said in a video clip for Mikey T The Movie Star. "That's the reason why we came up with the concept for Information Age."

While the theme may be of interest to dead prez fans, some have also been wondering about who might be featured on it. M1 didn't shy away from announcing some of the potential guest spots, which will be taken by well-known names.

"We've been working with a lot of people throughout the years of working on Information Age. We've actually taken the time to work with so many artists. We started producing [for] Nas and helped him with his 'N-Word' album. So, he may be a potential feature," he added, before also naming Erykah Badu, Lloyd, Andre3000 and Stephen Marley as other potential features.

For more from this interview, check below.

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[Verse 1: stic.man]
America's nightmare; young, black, and just don't give a fuck
Run up in the courtroom and wet 'em up
Got nothing to lose but my handcuffs
Every man must choose to lay down or stand up
It's war time, everything is fair, no fear
When they say the homie murdered the judge, I don't care
Fuck 'em, he deserved it, long as the homie get away
And don't get caught for the crime, I encourage it
We rootin' for the villain in black
Pourin' out Absolut, salute, niggas is shootin' back
In self defense we bang the pistol like
Larry Davis or Brian Nichols
Every pig, every public official, the boomerang
Is coming back to get you, you reap what you sow
The system you created created a monster
And now you scared cause it's coming back to haunt you

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: M-1]
Since we gonna take the blame, I'm a rep my name to get my aim right
Let's have an overthrow and after party in the same night
Same height as Huey, same muscle build as Malcolm
With the same circumstances in the hood, you know the outcome
And read it in the news about your sergeant and your captain
Don't take this as a warning, just another nigga rappin'
Fuck the way we organizing, fuck the training and the grapplin'
And fuck them Uncle Toms who call police because we smack them
And fuck you sympathizers with your middle class reactions
Cause we bangin' on the system, G'd up, fuck the factions
And if you didn't know, the G was for George Jackson
And long live his warrior spirit packin' the Magnum
Watching over the soldiers, knowin' niggas be blackin'
When we really need to be disciplined in our ways and actions
When we get some freedom you niggas can start braggin'
Till then, inside the blood of my eye, you see the dragon


:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


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At Public Assembly in Brooklyn Wednesday night (September 12), M-1 and
 stic.man of dead prez announced that their long-awaited album,Information Age is finished and will be released on October 16. Stic.man talked about the new album and
 explained the evolution of their work in a pre-show interview with XXL: “The theme of Let’s Get 
Free was all about the freedom struggle. The theme of RBG 
(Revolutionary But Gangsta) was how the freedom struggle relates to 
the streets. Information Age is how the freedom struggle relates to 
the spirit. We’re dealing with consciousness and all different forms of 

It was impossible to miss those themes at last night’s show. From the
 Buddhist prayer beads stic.man wore, to the duo rapping “Malcolm, 
Garvey, Huey” over the “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” instrumental, M-1 and stic 
were displaying their artistry by showcasing multi-dimensional aspects of their influences.

The night’s playlist was heavily filled with tracks from the group’s earlier albums, including their
 most recognized and crowd-energizing anthems, “Hip-Hop,” and “Radio Freq.” The set also gave a
 sneak peek of some upcoming materials from Information Age. When asked to describe the sound of the album, stic.man stated, “It’ll be futuristic, ’hood, introspective, new-age, unorthodox, esoteric, ghetto, grimy all in one

On top of their usual calls encouraging fans to stay healthy, stic.man
 performed “Back on My Regimen,” a track off his recent solo venture, The Workout—an album he designed to accompany and inspire fitness 
training. Stic dubbed his new style “fit hop,” and had the whole crowd bouncing and chanting, “I could get 
swole like Tookie with it.”

M-1 and stic.man swooped into their home territory last night with a 
level of energy and focus that far outweighed the small stage and
 venue. As the expansiveness of their new material shows, dead prez’s mission is still bigger than hip-hop. —Katie Moore

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never heard anything else from them, but this is still one of my top 10 tunes

maybe top 15, i dunno, can never remember the songs i like, right now it feels like top 10

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