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Andy Gray

The Last Word...With Andy Gray

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The Easter Eggs have cracked open , Grand Slam Sunday is over, the weather is still sh*te and what have we learnt? That Manchester United are the best team in the premiership. The efficient destruction of an in-form Liverpool will in my view see them crowed as Premiership champions for a 10th time,come May. Albeit may be a little help from Steve Bennet , I feel he just accelerated the inevitable.Inevitable... Just as inevitable as Arsenal appearing to be running out of steam. Come May if Arsenal have not won anything , this would of been there fourth season trophyless. In a Premiership where Rafa Benitez can have his head called for after winning a European cup , Super cup and FA cup in 3 yrs and Jose sacked after a domestic double ask yourself has Wenger become too comfortable and complacent. This Season we have already heard him say " Football is not about winning trophies". Mourinho has questioned why Wenger is treated like a 'God' after ending a season without a trophy.Dont get me wrong I admire the Arsenal style of football and many of the players; however I couldnt help, but get frustrated when Sagna scored and Arsenal continued to attack. Put the Mercurial boot on the other foot and no doubt u would of seen Chelsea hold out for the 1-0. In 12 seasons Wenger has won the prem trophy 3 times and looking over that record I dont think that is good enough.Has Wenger Taken Arsenal as far as they can go?

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