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What clothes are we feeling?


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They got the physique to pull off most things tho

same with chinese

Drop is mainly the fit

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On 4/22/2012 at 0:21 PM, Woodpecker said:

lol u lots complaining that jackets a ton? f*ck*ng hell this is 2012 and your buying a brand name :S

nice jacket for a bill mate got me checking out superdry sh*t now, fedwear


On 4/22/2012 at 1:23 PM, Guest PROFIT MARGINS said:

Hit the nail on the head pecker

That is straight CID atire

Smh @ petting over a bill for as jacket as well


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Dash 2 bit of fur on a spliffy jacket and you man would be rating ?

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3 hours ago, Young Bape said:

I can't lie some people here got dead swag look at how C-Biz, Young Tribez, M-Lo, Nines, Skrapz, Ard Adz, Sho Shallow, Youngs Tef, DVS, Migos, Jim Jones, SAS. or your everyday regular North West London, West London or certain South West London dudes dress. Compared to some of the dead garms being posted here. Forget brand names and price because if u really wanted to u can cop some of the garms that look like what a Migos or a Tribez would rock but aren't high end designer. Them Zara pices that look like Versace or Mosch that's not too expensive. U can cop even a fly Nike track top from JD finnese it with some Mosch jeans, Gucci beanie hat, Zara sweater and feel like a don. Some of the garms in here lack flava

I dont get it

Are you rating or not rating those guys you named


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