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What clothes are we feeling?


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i did just see it on the big screen n didnt realise it was that material but still

defo possible 


anyone ever ordered off them fuckin insta ads

chinese companies defo n bare fake reviews n lots of unhappy customers normally (chinese customer service standard standard)

but i saw somethin i want

i wont do it but i will think about it alot n annoy myself

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I just been in footlocker swear they have remixed the ones from last season and just put writing on the pockets I have the nice ones

Seen a nice red north face windbreaker from jd and some black nike tape pack crep's n jeans

I haven't brought anything yet might get the jacket as it's my favourite colour Red 

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TK stocking Norse projects, YMC and Universal works now so worth keeping an eye out

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On 3/31/2014 at 4:56 PM, Thizz said:

Comes up kind of short.


Qualitys OK dunno if they still put the annoying velcro ting on the t shirts.

What a time that was. Being rebellious was the new cool and anything that made no sense was considered fashionable. Ripped jeans were getting undeserved popularity for its uniqueness and people were not bothered by the discomfort of being partially exposed to Sun and other weather conditions in a non uniform pattern. The time has passed and the good thing is that the people have grown into sensible beings. Any non sense is widely booed by the audience on social media, and that is precisely why streetwear brands like trapstar are up to some decent designs recently. Lately, their choice of color combination is basic but with a fair touch of modernism and funkiness that the brand holds as its identity.

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