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Stamina Man

Since When Has Ashman Been Admin?

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Ashman was the best admin on rwd tbh.
Thank you my friend.. Let me also say..I stood tall for RWD mods/admins/users.. No one else was willing to meet up with RWD to discuss how forum members/mods/admins should be more involved with RWD i.e. receiving free gifts, more involved with competitions, chance to get seen in the magazine by having forum user of the month etc.I also introduced the Game Zone, RWD Big Brother as well as other nutoious rooms.I started banning Logan Sama because he was a mod under my wing, at that time, he was on a next web site cussing down my music.. the thing is, if I am sweating for you, trying to get people more inolved with RWD, it's not right that someone on the same team is back stabbing me behind my back.But if anyone is to thank for me being an admin, it comes down to Tipper.. He is a legend.. met him in person, top geezer, bought me a drink.. (still think he see that breh in the club try headbut me but stayed back and pretended he didn't see) but it's cool, I might be wrong but if not, I understand, he has a fam.IceBerg is one of the greats to come from me..Still,Big up everyone..

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