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Some nigerian/african scammer email person thingy

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From Emanuela FofanaAbidjan, Ivory CoastWest Africa. Dear after going through your profile i decided to contact you for friendship and assistace.I am Miss Emanuela Fofana the only child of Mr and Mrs Fernard Fofana,my father was posioned to death by his business associates because of his wealth and during my fathers sickness he called me on his sick bed as his only child because my mother died when am young and told me about the money($5.500.000usd) he deposited in a bank here in our country that it was because of this money he was posioned that if he dies i shall look for some one whom i trust to help me transfer this money out of this our country to his account for investment purpose abroad while i will continue my education then the person will be managing the investment.Dear am solicating your assistance to help me transfer this money out of this country for my life sake while i will come to meet you to continue my education in your country.Dear am looking forward to hear from you so that we can discuss on what will be your compersation for this assistace. ThanksEmanuela Fofana__________________________________________________Do You Yahoo!?En finir avec le spam? Yahoo! Mail vous offre la meilleure protection possible contre les messages non sollicit├ęshttp://mail.yahoo.fr Yahoo! Mail
Got this in my G-mail.Lmfao, she/he/it IS PISSED...i will bait this f*cker/f*ckers.Just hope they aint given up on me because it came 10 days ago and i didn't check.Getting bare ideas from 419eater.com.This should provide me with some much needed LULZ

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