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Dont You Hate It When...

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your sitting on the top deck off a bus theres lots of empty seats yet the person still decides to sit net to you....your playin cod4/pro and some trys talk to u ffsyour walkin down a narrow pavement and theres a fat person walkin in the right in the middle so you have to squeeze round the side and end up dodging carsyour bed feels better when you wake up then it does when you get in it the night before

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Guest Flat Eric

someone talks to you with earphones onyou pour the coco pops out into a bowl and then check for milk and there is non...so you have to pour the cereal back into boxsomeone leaves your room leaves the door wide opengot more coming

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Guest haze-e

When females bell off your phone on them clingy vibes like there wifey and there any random linkwhen WIFEY bells off my phone on them clingy vibes after she done know i aint eeena none of that.

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