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Nidge Weasle

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Osi Umenyiora is out for the season!! I can't believe it! He's definitely one of my favourite players... I mean, last season man got 6 sacks in one game!! ONE GAME!! I don't do NFL Fantasy (coz I don't understand the draft system) but gutted for anyone that picked him for their team. Guy is a beast, I can't believe I'm not gonna be seeing him sack anyone for a whole year! The Giants are pissed. Either they have to put a linebacker in as an end or beg Strahan to cancel his retirement.Also, couldn't be arsed with Saints Chargers at Wembley. Heard it was like £60 for a sh*t ticket and I don't have that kind of money for those teams.Edit: Can we have this stickied please.

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I feel like doing NFL Fantasy but i know i'll end up be sh*t.Was the first game on sky sports
Season hasn't started yet so you've got a little while to change your mind. First game is on the 4th. Anybody here have Madden on the xbox 360? I'm getting my 360 this week and madden 09 is the first game I'm getting. Never played it before but I wanna get good.
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Looking forward to this season.LOL @ the Favre saga. JOKETING.
What's the saga? Apart from the fact he's old as f*ck.Chad Johnson of the Bengals has a sprained shoulder and admits he needs surgery but says he ain't getting it lol. Man is grinding.Nobody has talked to Strahan about coming to replace Osi... They're getting a 3rd year OLB whose name I don't remember to move to DE but apparently he's played that position before so it's a minor. He's no Osi though.
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