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Guest Esquilax


Nah that wont be happening

I think I'm in a better environment anyway, more involved in the workings of the magazine and actually doing journalism not PR which is what I want

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Guest Esquilax

esquilax how you getting these oppertunities is your dad caked with bare connections or suttin

Nah I applied for a masterclass with the editor which resulted in a weeks work exp. which I unequivocally showered down, they set up the internship, I applied, bang

All off my own back

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48,000 people have applied for bbc jobs at media city, the move is starting in May

bbc are taking on 500 staff and 100 on apprenticeship roles , however they are only taking on people from the GTR manchester area for the apprenticeships.

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swear they wont even check certain applications, unless they just tell them all to take that online test then use the results from that

I've got a careers lecture and in one of them the woman says the big companies will have filters on applications, if you don't mention the right words you instantly get filtered out. When heads check CVs, if you do as little as spell a word wrong you'll get binned.

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