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Got offered a job as a wine broker on friday for a start up. Got speaking to the guy and he loves me (people do) and said he could quadruple my salary.

Told him to chill, we'll speak more in the future but its quite interesting. It would mean getting back into sales but it's a weird proposition. You buy wines that will be popular in the future (2-3 years or so)

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tbh the wine broker job is always being advertised 


an old classmate is  one of these base salary is 8k but makes most money on commission selling fine wine 


allegedly clears 80k+ on salarywise


fuck sales imo would rather have a structured career but im no salesman tbf

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As in you've been accepted into a course or you've finished it?


Congrats either way, its nice when you're working towards something. At the moment all I'm working towards is the 2 year experience mark so I can get decent employment elsewhere.

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