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Cheap Replica football shirts


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I know Ice has been on about this for time.http://forum.footbal...m...mp;&start=0

Read that thread through.2 weeks delivery, bare shirts from this season for £6.99not fakes, just keep the factorys open after hours and make some extras with the left over materials.Getting a Juventus one with Mellberg on the back.Heres pictures of people of someones Barca one;someones juve;and a quote about the madrid one someone bought;

so my Real Madrid away shirt arrived today from bestway4you.f*ck. Me. if thats fake then i'll never buy a official shirt again, that f*cker is 50.00 elsewhere, this cost me £14.00 all in.ive bought a few shirts off ebay before and some of them have been quite obviously fake, but you get what you pay for and with letters falling off ive been _on_ ldinho at training for a while now. and when i saw the package arive this morning and it has thailand written on it i was very ConfusedThis new shirt is the real thing, i dont know how to explain it, but it has the madrid badge within the material itself, and all the other shiny gubbins you get within shirts.

got them from;http://www.thefootballshirt.com/www.bestway4you.comand http://www.allucangetshop.com

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i got a few of these live from ebay though 100% legit

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defo copping a kungiovincoquaresmaben arfaall getting bought

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