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Davicious X

Bad luck on a bendy bus

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So Im on a bendy bus on my way to work this morning and inspectors get on a couple stops later.Im bless, I got my oyster but the big African woman opposite me just looked at the guy and said "A dont have ticket" in that African half English accent.Now she got luck cos she caught an inspector in a good mood so he just turfed her off the bus just where I was getting off to get some breakfast since I been lucky enough to be early today.So off to McD's I go for the customary and come back outside to the bus stop where the African woman didnt pett to wait for the next bendy bus.We both get on the bus and disregard each other as you do, but 2 stops later the same bunch of inspectors get on, and upon seeing her aint in the same mood no more.Does she humble herself? Have you ever seen a big African woman humble themselves? Me neither, She kicked up this big stink before they even said 1 word to her, now all 3 breddahs are on her making sure they get her details before escorting her off the bus.Im just sitting there eating my bacon mcmuffin with the slyest smile on my face.

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