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You man are loopy about best hook king


I deleted most of my Max B discography, there's only so much off key singing I can take


But the stuff he did with Jim Jones / Dipset / Byrd Gang, that Hustler's P.O.M.E.era >>




When TF told us the story about how Max B came around & Cam was like naw he's a stick up kid get him away, then cam was the 1st to do a song with him lol



They should've made it him Dipset after this feature, sick hook, sick beat.. I always thought this diss was underrated 

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Nah everybody rated Max, (sadly) they just knew he was too manic to be around everyday.

Jim didn't care at all, as tbh he's the definition of GABOS. You lot still think he cared when Stack died lol.

But yeah definition of a Cam move. "Your using him, but he's.... (Goes off and uses him) Okay, everybody can use him now... (Max gets locked up/beefing with Jim) See I told y'all that's why you shouldn't use him...

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new tape dropped

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