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Mr. Gayle

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shot completely on iphone 4s

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I've got some ebooks in PDF format, but dont know how to get them onto my phone

Is there a manual way to add ebooks to newstand?

drag them into itunes. (u might need ibooks)

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So my 1 year warranty on my iphone 4 is almost up, is it worth going to apple saying the home button/screen is giving me problems to get a fresh 1, will they deffo just swap it over?

Or headphone jack

Yup yup yup.

Read a page back I was saying I wanted to use my warranty to get a new phone cos I scratched mine.

I am now typing this post with a fresh scratch less white iPhone.

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can anyone help

itunes not recognizing my iphone all of a sudden

batt charging works... but phone doesnt sync in itunes

runnin 4.01 jail break...

itune 10.4.100

will updating itunes to 10.5 brick my phone ?

how do i get rid of my jailbreak without being connected to itunes

suggestions will be appreciated.

Are you using official apple cable? cheap chinese aftermarkets dont work so good.

and it may be that your windows has detected the iphone as a digital camera and not an iphone. Google into that

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Which apps are there which allow me to remove what's on my iPod? Basically, my iPod screen is f*cked and can't be repaired, £90 and they give me a new 80g iPod classic, but my iPod isn't synced, and I have 35g worth of music on there already from here, there and everywhere.


Get yourself a copy of the latest CopyTrans.

Watch out for those Trojans infected ones if you're going to WAREZ it and it should do the JOB..

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so i copped a 4S today

pissed I can't JB it yet

it aint even all that lol

there is a semi-tethered JB available isnt there? sure i saw it on twitter.

edit - it was a preliminary JB, should be a month or so away > https://twitter.com/#!/MuscleNerd/status/129811190066061312

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