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how much to fix the smashed glass on the front of my 5? or is it a write off

Depends were you go to get it done, my brother smashed his when he went to get it repaired some places saying £100, others saying double.

Your best bets to just get it insured and to claim it as lost/stolen. Its long but it would probably work out cheaper then repairing the screen.

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Had it on my lap as I was driving then jumped out of the whip. I do this regularly and never learn

The phones been seized since I last posted :(

If I insure it now, wait a while and report it lost, will they look at the last time I used the actual phone & try and talk sh*t?

I can just tell them its been switched off in my yard for the past month right?

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Popslate launches iPhone 5 case with four-inch E Ink screen


This is pretty darn cool. It's called Popslate -- an iPhone 5 case with a four-inch E Ink screen on the back -- and it's launching right now on Indiegogo for $79 in two colors. Combined with a bespoke social imaging app, it lets you take and share pics, then "pop" them to the back of your phone. Better yet, the always-on, ultra low-power, black and white display becomes a canvas for notifications, sports scores, maps, lists and notes, all just a glance away.

An open API allows third-party developers to design custom apps for Popslate -- including accelerometer support to interact with the backside screen by tapping on it. Imagine a micro e-reader app which uses the E Ink display instead of the main panel to conserve battery.

The company is still in the early stages of development and sadly didn't have a prototype to show us, but it's already gathered a team of talented designers, engineers and developers. It's also secured a partnership with E Ink to use the latest in ruggedized e-paper technology and is hoping to raise enough funds to make Popslate a reality. Two colors are available at launch (black and white) with prices starting at $79 for the first 500 supporters, then $99 and up. Hit the break for the demo video and IndieGogo link.

dunno why youd need a screen that does exactly what the front screen does in black and white. but its really cool

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The highly anticipated Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, will close the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, organizers announced Monday afternoon.

The film, starring Ashton Kutcher, is one of several projects in the festival's noncompetition Premieres section that is toplined by a mainstream star.

Since Kutcher's casting in jOBS was revealed in April, interest in the project has steadily grown. TheJoshua Michael Stern-directed biopic was written by Matt Whiteley and also features Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad, Lukas Haas, J.K. Simmons and Matthew Modine. Making it Sundance's closing-night film was a shrewd move by festival programmers because it will likely ensure that plenty of film buyers, executives and agents stick around until Sundance's bitter end in order to take in the movie.

But Trevor Groth, director of programming for the festival, said that the film was chosen to close the festival because “there's something inspirational about it. To see what he achieved by just like staying true to his vision is something that, you know, I think a lot of people can relate to and get hope from.”

Festival director John Cooper believes Kutcher’s portrayal of the enigmatic Apple founder will resonate with viewers. “Ashton Kutcher's performance I thought was quite remarkable," Cooper said. "It's a very formidable performance by him and it seemed like he really tried to grasp all the nuances of who Steve Jobs was.”


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What is with you brah. Just take it to the shop already instead of asking a thousand questions.

Apple store will deal with it, if not... your network will deal with it.... DONE!

Calm down fella. You must have got the wrong person :/

I asked because there isn't a Three Store near where I work, I know you can go in store and they'll sort you out but I didn't have that luxury.


Cut it myself, works fine.

Thanks guys

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