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Mr. Gayle

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never understood this apple / android dichotomy 

as far as i see it apple is one "company" android is a bag of "companies" 

they both cat off each other but one is beholden to a particular way of doings things and the others not

who's more likely to be innovative ?

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19 hours ago, Monday Bandele said:

no it wasn't.. in terms of sheer power an iphone has always been better on any benchmark. android phones had the hardware advantage, batteries, screens, cameras, design

not always, when Apple moved to 64bit processor on the iPhone 5S everyone was caught off guard because ARM hadnt even finalised the 64bit design for its reference designs, Qualcomm tried to put together a 64bit chip hastily and flopped (snapdragon 810 i think) and becua of their anti competitive stance (even apple has to pay them a percentage of every iphone sold) other chip manufacturers in the android space (apart from samsung) were way behind. so this kind of handicapped the eco system. Quallcomm are probably a generation or 2 behind now, Samsung still makes good chips but Quallcomm owns almost all the LTE patents so samsung basically has to use QC snapdragon chips in western markets.

if there were still 4/5 chip makers android may be somewhere 

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