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Guest El Padrino

Faze can u help me out bro.

I want to unlock and jailbreak my 3.1.2 iphone 3G to the lastest 4.2....

What do i do? How do i do it?

Have you got an official carrier sim card aswell?

Just asking so I can decide whether to give you a pwnagetool ipsw that's activated or not.

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fuck a status 'REALLY NOT IN THE MOOD TO TALK RIGHT NOW' (everyone message me please) TOO BUSY (not doing anything, will reply within 2 seconds) OMFG I HATE ***** IM SO ANGRY (please ask me whats

yeah proper f*cked up bro, went on it, cher lloyd was top of the charts. un-installed it sharpish

Need Help!!!!!!!!!

Got two 3gs on 4.2 with the ipad baseband

tried to jb and unlock and its not working and there not restoring.

Urgent Advice Required.


Why are they not restoring they should always restore even if you f*ck up?

On another note, anyone played Infinity Blade?

not sure error 1600 and recboot and doing nothing.

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Whats the best network and deal for payg sim only for a iphone

best deal i have seen so far is from tmobile £20 for 6 months 500mb

The best deal I seen is o2 simplicity

£20 a month pay as you go for:

Unlimted text, 500mb and 300 minutes

Dont go with tmobile

sh*t customer service and sh*t deals

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Best way to use Iphone tethering (use phone as modem) ??

I'm on 4.0

Also played Infinity Blade a little last night, pretty impressive, its about 350 MB and made the guys behind Unreal and Gears Of War

It's on Apptrackr, it's a long thing downloading through installous

how do you get the download from apptrackr to your fone?

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