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Gran Turismo 5

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* The Nürburgring Nordschleife will NOT be made available until the full release of Gran Turismo 5. * Kazunori laughed at the notion of a 2010 release date for Gran Turismo 5, and said it will be released sooner than expected. * Polyphony Digital does use online forums and reviews (like GTPlanet) to gather player feedback and impressions of the games. * Private online races are coming, but it may not be until the full game is released. * Yamauchi confirmed the existence of the “rubber band effect”, and elaborated a bit on its implementation. For example, this performance boost consists of a slight increase in power and grip and is applied when the driver is more than 2 seconds behind the race leader. As you might expect, he cited more competitive online races as justification for the “feature”, which can and is turned off in some events. * While discussing the rubber band effect, Yamauchi mentioned that it will obviously not be enabled for online races which feature qualifying laps, nearly confirming this feature sometime in the future. * Porsche (that’s right… Porsche) have stated that they do not have a problem with their cars being damaged in the game. Ferrari, however, are being more stubborn and could be a source of delay in damage implementation. Of course, that isn’t consistent with Forza or Ferrari Challenge, which has shown damage on the Italian cars for some time now.
http://www.gtplanet.net/kazunori-yamauchis...interview-ever/I actually did think it'd come out in 2010 lol.

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