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Pretty black girls...

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the girls in this thread man....


she is all i want!!!damn!!hope her nipples are nice and suckable aswell!!!liking the "B" on her waist....she got my name on her already!!!
why, its not like ur guna get the chance to suck them.
lol, bare man on this chikbrianacloyd-3.jpgbrianacloyd-5.jpgbrianacloyd-1.jpgbrianacloyd-4.jpgbri5-s.jpgswer this forum raises my standards so irl im pissed, kmt
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trying to keep this ting realistic and on uk soiln823392450_592850_5147.jpgn823392450_605828_4166.jpgn823392450_404245_8679.jpg
lol @ me knowing the girl on the right in the first 1how did one come across there pictures?
they friends with a woman i was troubling back in the day saw them on her friends list and upped the picsi dont know them but they from the ends ennit so i thought up them to give the topic an element of reality
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