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Jeeday Jawz Ft Black The Ripper , Random Impulse - One (New Music Video)

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Video Nice, UN.Muzik Are you the director of these black the ripper videos or something, always acting for feedback
Nah I'm responsible for releasing his music so I'm always looking for feedback in all areas reallyThough if all goes according to plan I might be foraying into the music video production side of things soon enough, in which case feedback on the music videos themselves would be great help
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u know what...imma be the spoilsport n say some concepts need to be left alone like the picture on picture by hype and the filming backwards thing...but they did a good job in this one sameway...bet the majority of u dnt even know the origins and if u do its probly only cos of that show on base doin the best vids of all time...nt feelin the track tho...most jarringest use of a sample since i dnt know...but its jarring

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