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simple touches

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what little things physically has someone done to you that feels better than it should do? ill startwhen kissing a girl, when she places a hand on my cheek gently feels better than it shouldwhen a girl kisses you on your cheek it feels better than it shouldboys and girls alike welcome...

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Guest Logster
holdin the bk of her head/roughin her hair whilst kissinholdin hands forward locked fingers an thumb gently tickling the hand middleneither is a big deal tbh but nice wen it happens... meh
C/S with superpowersActually playing with my hair at any time makes me weak at the knees tbhRubbing my back as well
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Guest DN Braund
Her running/rubbing her hands over on my head & neck back while I'm driving.
lmao @ thati get distracted when theres an insect on the windowdamn near crashed once following a street lamp llow any kind of distrations
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