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Why is it closed? Is it a sin to say a bad word against Wenger?And to the people saying knee jerk, cant really be a knee jerk after i felt the same way 2 yrs ago but allowed to see Wengers progress without saying anything but it has all come up now.How many years have we been lacking experience?How many years has Wenger not bought winger after needing one for so long?How many years are we going to hear that the side is ready to step up for the next year after valuable experience the last?Did Wenger really say we were unlucky today? How many times do we hear that when we lose, he's to soft.Iv clocked the main difference with us and Man Utd is that Ferguson mixed youth and experience very well and he's reaping the benefits. They have kept Scholes, they have kept Neville, they have kept Giggs and mixed in Nani, Anderson amongst others well. Wenger sadly hasnt.

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