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Parking Tickets

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Has anyone been a victim of getting more than one parking ticket for the same parking contravention?Cos basically, i got a letter today from scabby Lambeth Council with 2 parking tickets for the same contravention...only 8 mins apart from each other. i dont kno what theyre playing at, but they need to get rid of one of them.My mum said its true, that coucils can give you more than one parking ticket at a time (well if an inspector still sees ur car in the same place afer a while). They can slap/bang you with a second/third one. She saw a van with about 3 tickets on it in the same spot from the first one.but mine takes the piss. f*ck*ng smelly council.

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only way u can get 2 tickets for the same offence is if u move ur car if your car aint move for like 6 hrs & you get two tickets in that time then one has to be voideduse to work as a ticket man still + they try get me wid that few yrs back one being a cam ticket the other being put on my car & that was in the space of 5 mins

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