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Some pics from Zambia....enjoy brahs

you an air hostess now?

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3 hours ago, Thizz said:

Got a day in Madrid next month.

Any dece restaurants/shops etc

Madrid is decent for shopping. Most places open til 11/midnight.

Depends what food you after. There's mercado de san miguel which is where we ate lunch, its like a street food market. Had some great burgers at 'Steakburger', all local stuff.

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Berlin's best shawarma: Maroush (also do really good vegetarian stuff). Fav cocktail place: Geist Im Glaß. Dope pancakes: Silo coffee. Really nice modern european/Austrian food: Schneeweiß. On a Thursday night Markthalle Neun for the streetfood market in the early evening. On a Tuesday night Edelweiß for a really nice jazz jam session.

Going this weekend, tryna maximise my food experience. I'll drop anything I think of.


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defo get that large mcdonald's meal

u goin soon are you mate?

there's a chinese fella out there that was pen pals with my late great grandfather

he sells this certain type of gravel that keeps snails away from vegetation

i'm at my bloody wit's end

could you grab a couple medium sized gravel bags for us n i'll throw you a hundred or so for the effort

that's atleast 60 maccies meals right there before you've even filled up your indospicy sauce pot

this time next tomato picking season we'll be laughing mate

i'll drop a few off if i'm in the area

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dont take the piss jay you know my history

i'm not givin mr tesco all my money

home grown tomato's have always been on the front line in the battle against the big farma oligopoly

you seen that vlog i sent you

great gramps tony will be spinnin in his grave knowin i can't even russle up a decent vine of brandywine pinks

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On 3/21/2018 at 6:48 PM, PascalMoriarty said:

Any recommendations for Antwerp, dipping out for a weekend on the lonesome, clear the head vibes. 

Never been Antwerp but if its like Brussels or Bruges, the girls love it. Easy pickings out there.

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On 3/22/2018 at 4:08 PM, Afroman said:


Emirates now flying from Stanstead from june onwards..


why is that nice?unless you live near it..still costs £30 train ticket, £3bloody for bus to airport.. i hate hidden costs

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