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MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

Tyler Durden

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stpierre.jpgGonna be a great fight. Serra did the impossible in their first fight and TKO'd GSP. But GSP dominated Matt Hughes and looks in great shape to beat Serra.Homegrown talent Michael Bisping is also fighting Charles McCarthy which will be exciting seeing as they both have a feud going on. Rich Franklin is also taking on Travis Lutter. Good solid card with Ultimate Fighter winner Mac Danzig also fighting.
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ufc84_logo_banner_results.jpgGonna be a wicked event.Sean Sherk vs BJ Penn as the main eventWanderlei Silva vs Keith Jardine gonna be a sweet fight both guys ognna fully go for itTito Ortiz vs Lyoto Machida gonna be a great fight. Machida is undefeated and tipped as the next big thing and Tito will be looking to leave the UFC with a bang by shutting up Dana White with a victory.
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Can't wait for BJ Penn vs Sherk, gonna be big. Lol at that time after Bj's last fight when he said something like he's coming for Sherk...then the interviewer said "well sherk is here in the building" and he comes storming out of the crowd randomly and you could tell BJ Penn was thinking "WTF" lol.How come Tito is leaving is he retiring? I doubt he's leaving over his beef with Dana that's been going on for ages

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How come Tito is leaving is he retiring? I doubt he's leaving over his beef with Dana that's been going on for ages
Nope hes not retiring hes leaving the UFC. He has 1 fight left on his contract and doesnt wanna continue fighting for them. In his 11 year career hes made 8 million dollars which is ridiculous when you look at how much money hes made from his Shamrock, Liddell and Couture fights. Dana White made 24 million last year alone.
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UFC 84: Ill Will


BJ Penn vs Sean Sherk


Wanderlei Silva vs Keith Jardine


Wilson Gouveia vs Goran Reljic


Tito Ortiz vs Lyoto Machida


Thiago Silva vs Antonio 'Samuray' Mendes


Ivan Salaverry vs Rousimar 'Toquinho' Palhares


Rameau Sokoudjou vs Kazuhiro Nakamura


Rich Clementi vs Terry Etim


Jon Koppenhaver vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida


Jason Tan vs Dong Hyun Kim


Christian Wellisch vs Shane Carwin


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lol @ watching the live weigh ins and NOT hooking us up :DDid they show Dana's reaction? How did the BJ Sherk face off go?
Probably a bit late now but...Dana wasnt there for some reason. The Sherk Penn situation was all hype (like Penn said after the fight).danaismybitchbig.jpgSickest man to ever enter the octagon. Taking UFC for a Stone Cold Vince Mcmahon ting lol.
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^^lol @ tito, I watched a re-run of the weigh ins and they cut it out...just randomly skipped forward past this part.Yea what was that about after the BJ fight? I thought Sherk and Penn genuinely hated eachother. Coulda just been good sportsman ship that made them squash their differences.Another thing I dont get is Tito saying that the stuff with him and Dana was all bullshit. But on the Countdown to ufc 84 show he was saying how after the match he would say "f*ck you" to Dana. Did they just pretend to hate eachother to hype the event and live up to the "ill will" title?Would be interesting seeing how they set up a possible GSP vs BJ rematch as they both have titles at different weights and BJ Penn is better and more comfortable at 155 than 170

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