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7 minutes ago, Kompressor said:

Traces found but not a violation. 


I don't claim to really understand. Novitsky is going on the Rogan Podcast today to clear it up. 

think they're saying its still in his system for the last violation 


but for them to move the whole event means to me that there is more to it.

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Think of the logistics of moving an event cross country SO close to the kick off?

Dont even get me started on how bugged the people who brought Las Vegas tickets must be, granted they will be valid in LA but what about hotels, transport etc etc!

Should have just dropped him from the card. 

They said hes been tested a shit load of times since popping n nothing was found, but now he is in the weight cutting phase "traces" appear? This trannyshit is supposed to help keep power n stamina while losing weight...bit of a coinsidence hes popped twice during this phase of camp though coming up clean before.

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Just like football. 


People in the venue is only a miniscule contribution to profitably. PPV is where the money is. To drop Jones would've impacted PPV buys hugely. 


Nunes vs Cyborg is huge for genuine fans. Casual fans could care less about it. That's what you get when you don't promote tittle fights properly and focus on one cash cow. 

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