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Creed Diskenth

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as you man have seen over the last few days theres been a few street fighter 4 video's and fifa 09.if you dont no we have a youtube account with all our video'shttp://www.youtube.com/user/VIP2GAMINGits updated with different video's everyday so keep checking itmembersshadyoneLS/gundammyself - skemarfitznot sure who elsegundam edit if i have missed out anyonealso i will be taking requests any games you wanna see and i have it let me no i will record and uploadi get most new games 3xbox 360street fighter 4fable 2nba 09fifa 09need 4 speed undercoverdbz burst limitcod 4cod wawdead risinghalo 3fallout 3left 4 dead (gt, fitz and fatz you need 2 jump on so we can get some footage)gridvirtua tennis 3top spin 3lord of the rings (the new 1)hold tight fitzshowed man about the hd pvrhttp://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/7791395/Haup...er/Product.html

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Guest Flat Ericó
Im seein quite a few people with the street fighter already, how did they get it?
Friends got it for them on holiday.
lol..lol./i can record sfhd games. what are you saying about letting them be uploaded on vip2gaming?
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LOL sum mad connectionim curious how big is a 3 minute HD clip???
VariesDepends on what you use to edit the videos and what type of file you convert it to. Uncompressed is alot. A whole Fifa game is around 1 gb which is around 11 mins/38 Videos 2,114 ViewsWe are moving
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