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Creed Diskenth

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I'm getting my PVR out soon. However, this time i'm using my mac.

What are the best programs to use for it? I know Skemar uses mac for this as well. Need a quick convertor as well!

I use Eyetv to record and convert

its got a lil thing where u can cut parts of the video out or split them into parts, i would not call it a editor

so i export with Eyetv if i am doing a clips video i just throw it into iMovie/final cut

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A 2 min video is around 900 mb? Is that right or have i done it wrong lol



i based my settings from this template from youtube

  1. In the Video section select the following:
    • Compression Type: H264
    • Frame Rate: 30
    • Data Rate: Automatic
      (if you choose to restrict the Data Rate, make sure to choose the highest value acceptable to you — more bits means better quality)
    • Key Frames: Automatic
    • Frame Reording: Unchecked

In the Video section click Size and set Dimensions to the original size of your video (Note: HD resolutions - 1280x720 or 1920x1080 - preferred).

<li>Select Prepare for internet Streaming and choose Fast Start from the drop-down menu.

<li>In the Audio section, make sure that the audio codec is AAC. Always use AAC as the preferred audio codec.

<li>Once you've made all of these selections, click the OK button to save your preferences.

<li>Add a title to the video file and click the Save button to save your edited version of your movie. Your project will then be exported and be ready to upload to YouTube.

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I did what you said and it came out like that!!

The other video, came out 720p.

I need to find a simple video editor. I hate i movie, don't know what the fuck is going on and Final cut i only like using with real footage. Like doing post production but not simple things of adding graphics etc

Power director was the one but ain't on mac :( need to find something similar

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