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anyone selling any phones for £50 - £70 need a backup phone. Anyone selling any straps


LOL who is neegin like that

Looking for:iPhone 3GBlackberry Curve 8900MacBook Pro 17"Who can get me decent prices?
and to add i have a Brand new IPHONE 16GB locked on O2 for sale. boxed 98% new. 200 quid if anybody wants it.
Is that 3G ?
I can get you the Blackberry curve 8900 for £200
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wot do u mean its not sold?surely its not active thenlol at scratching off a number. when was the last time man bought himself credit?
facking hellllis it that hard 2 understand lolits one of those till receipt vouchers that have the voucher number printed in ink, no scratching anything off or wateverand of course its active, otherwise it wouldn't be printed out right nowand no one has bought it yet so still if any1 is intrested....... £10 for a £20 T-mobile voucher
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