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Sacha Baron Cohen

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These gun people are fucked! People here crying when I curse that shithole of a country, smh. Lol at mentioning them music people at the end...

On tonight @ 10pm Channel 4   Can't believe he's still fooling people.

Septic tanks are fucking useless! 

21 hours ago, Anderson said:

That country is a write off

Can't believe what I'm seeing

Fuckin hell, 

when he’s pitching that mosque idea to that hick town :rofl:

If there would’ve been weapons allowed somone  definitely would’ve drew for the ting.

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15 hours ago, DRC said:


When he asked about the Muslim population in the town and the guy goes we're lucky to have black people here..

"Yes you are lucky to have black people"



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I felt that the first ep n ain’t been back apart from the YouTube bits of seen 

it ain’t for us anyway it’s for American audiences 

they’re humour palet is moving towards ours cringe wise and we’re probably moving past it

keep up you cunts

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