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Frank White

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comparethemarket and the other one own most the companies

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On 3/3/2018 at 9:25 PM, yhfam said:

Scratched and dented my leased whip

what is the best course of action?

repair at main dealer?


or leave it and get billed?


Leave and get billed, have an idea of cost of damage and argue that point at inspection if you feel it’s too wild but tbh it should be cheapest outside of a private bring in.

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6 minutes ago, Mr. Martinez said:

Looking for this as well 

24 month lease

What'd you guys reckon price should be?

Did a 24 months lease.

3 months upfront . £305 + 2 free servicing.

I think deals start from £269. Depending on spec and upfront cost.


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14 minutes ago, yhfam said:

£269 is a bump for the a class

C class coupes going for 228

but around 2k depo

Probably pre-facelift and even if you get facelift C-Class its changing model during your lease, Unless you do 4 years on A-Class your staying in the current model for next two-three years.

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