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Frank White

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need some new wing mirrors, they are electric ones, so gonna cost a bit i think ?

one is just cracked :-/

the other one fell off on kingsway roundabout , had to get out and pick it up and tape it on,( randomly had cellatape in the car ) i didnt care abt traffic, i needed the damm mirror back.

its due its service at the end of the month....thats gonna be fun

oh well, only another 10 months of this cursed car, then hello 12 plate.

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Hazard test is harder tbh


if you click on the image to many times, u get marked zero

i don't get how people fail the question part, if you look over the book or dvds, its a piece of piss

its the practical that is hard, pressure from the examner with his flippin scoreboard, u cant help but get para what box they are marking off. the worst is when u have clocked they have ticked the dangerous box and u have to carry on driving even though you know have failed

can i just say though, driving in the right lane is not dangerous,ok so as a learner, your suppose to be in the left lane but its not exactly the same as going through a red light. that examiner wasted my time and money that day. prick

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Car people:

I've just fitted a FRESH engine in my whip, comes with paper work and warranty etc, do I reset the mileage on my whip seeing as pretty much everything has been replaced (have the paperwork to prove it) or do I just leave it as it is.

4k on a new engine, hold tight my wallet. -_-

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@ Necksta- How did you break the engine? I thought German engines were built tough?

Apparently, I "flooded" the engine and lost compression, when trying to fire the engine, not all cylinders would fire.. Went to Merc and they quoted me 5k to fix it because to fix my current engine would cost 3k+ and they said it's generally not worth it. Negotiated with them to do it for 4k, should be ready in a few days.

My boy thought they was bumping me, I took it to him, he thought it was the timing belt, changed that > nothing. head gasket > nothing, drained the engine > nothing.

Smh. Waste of time + money.

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One of my boys is getting married and wants to turn up in style, any hire car links in london area?

Problem is he's 23, which'll probs be an issue with the proper companies, any body got any 3rd party links?

One of the guests is turning up in a aston martin, so it has to be better then that

why doesnt he hire a car that comes with a driver?

im sure them services are there, so he dnt have to worry about insuring it etc

yeah chauffeured continental spur is his back-up plan, he was just thinking he might get lucky, but getting any super when you're younger than 25 is a no-go it seems


dats wat da mandem use, 23 age limit on lambos an that, 2bags on your card

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While we are on the subject Of hiring cars, has anyone ever done a road trip to the Nurburgring?

Next couple yrs I want to hire an Evo or something and drive to Germany. Think it would be joke

normal insurance on your own car doesnt even cover you driving on the nurburgring, i doubt hire insurance will either

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