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Frank White

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Finally got my battery fitted it myself yesterday

This morning I took the cbr out for a spin, drives real nice just need to get used to not stalling at traffic lights cos I'm a ubernewb


I fell off :lol:

I got cocky after a hour or 2 lol and tried to do a left right turn all in one motion, front right indicator is gone so yeah thats £22 I need to cough up

Good start to the day I must say

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So....One of these flashed me coming towards it the other day


No lines on my side of the road only the side going away from the camera (the way it is meant to be).

I was the only car on the road but I thought it is only the Truvelo ones that got you both ways? The one below:


Am I awaiting a nice lovely fine?

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fuck that i was coming down stratford fly-over going about 60, first time driving a audi a5, top down getting used to the car.

traffic cops had a laser gun on the other side and pulled me over, and said i was going 58, 2mph more extra and it would be a straight court summons, possible disqualification.

walked away with the 3 points and £60 fine feeling grateful.

only 3 altogether on my license so im not too bothered.

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