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Frank White

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Guest phonecharger

whats the best way to go about insurance on a 1.8

iam looking to do everything legit but how the fack can i bring it down?? i already live in a good area with driveway etc

i dont have any no claims but i can get them but would that even make a big difference?

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That cars engine is gutless need summet more powerful for that car

Hardtop convertible with only 2 litre petrol engine all show no go

For 18k u can get a 335 and there rapidddddd

the REASON why he is selling it is because its too fucking slow.

i've driven it myself and it is so slow, overtaking takes the piss.

thats why i would only buy a 325i or above. I couldn't live with the fact that I have no power under my right foot.

for 18k u might aswell get a 630i or 645 if ur a speed demon

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Guest phonecharger

If you haven't got any no claims and are under 25, then your insurance will be high. Just work your no claims bonus up.

no claims isnt a problem

but does it cut down insurance price by alot?

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2009 seat leon. 1.6 30k

New brakes and tyres

Just serviced.

1 years tax no need for mot till 2012

Since the picture it's been tinted with hid lights

comes fully loaded


Bloody file extensions wont show the images click the link



Only had a couple months but ive ordered my new car so this has to go. Never really used it the missus used it to do errands.

its virtually brand new

On route.

Audi A5 coupe

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